The Definitive Guide to Parenting Classes

How to Take Parenting Classes
Hundreds of thousands of Americans take parenting classes every year. Some take them for court, while others take them for personal reasons. The best way to take a parenting class is to start with searching for a local provider in your area. This can be done by doing a simple search on Google for “Parenting classes in my area”. What will come up will be a list of programs that will likely vary greatly in terms of quality, cost, credibility, and location.

Find a program with a qualified instructor
We suggest finding a parenting or co-parenting class that has a provider that has been well trained. This might be someone with a certification to teach the parenting program, or it might be someone with an advanced degree in psychology and holds a license in mental health with training as a parenting instructor. Find a program with a qualified instructor!

Go to a Well Recognized Program
We suggest going to a program that has good online reviews, or has been validated by your local court. Programs that stand the test of time generally we have lots of feedback online. Look for a program that real customers have made comments on. Next, call the program and talk to agency. You can generally get a good sense of business from talking to them. Ask lots of questions and make sure it feels like a good fit.

Online vs. In Person Programs?
Taking your parenting class in person or online is a personal preference. It might also be decided by the court or social services if being done for a requirement. Some states require these programs to be taken in person only while other states, even counties within a state allow them to be taken online. Both formats have advantages and disadvantages. Online programs are generally less expensive, self-paced and require little to no interaction with other students. In person classes allow for more personal interactions, but may meet at times that are inconvenient or might not feel private. There is no “right” format, just pick the program that seems like the best fit for your needs.

Why do Some Parenting Classes have Different Names?
Some programs have names like “Positive Parenting”, “Parenting in two homes”, or “High Conflict Parenting class”, “Advanced Parenting Class”, “Children in the Middle”, “Parenting for Divorce”, and similar names. The most important thing to research is what is actually covered in these classes. Ask the program to provide you with a course syllabus or course outline. Make sure the program topics meet your needs, are age appropriate and meet your specific requirements.

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